Top 5 Apps to Hide Your Personal Files 2019

We store bunches of private documents on our telephone for the most part since it’s anything but difficult to reach and we can contact them on the off chance that we need them whenever yet putting away your own records on your telephone can be hazardous in the event that your telephone gets stolen or somebody unintentionally observes them. We have made a rundown of use that can enable you to keep your own records safe and from the hands of outsiders. Here are the Top 5 Android Apps to Hide Your Personal Files 2019.

Top 5 Apps to Hide Your Personal Files 2019

Top 5 Apps to Hide Your Personal Files 2019


As the name proposes it is a virtual vault wherein you can store the majority of your private records and archives. Vault can be verified with a secret phrase that is encoded with the most noteworthy evaluation of encryption that will keep your photos, films, contacts, and messages safe from prying eyes.

Hide It Pro

Hide it ace is a standout amongst the best application with regards to concealing your documents. It veils itself in a sound player skin so if some other individual searches for your own documents they will go over a sound player and proceed onward. Hide it genius gives you alternatives to shroud your documents in organizers that can be encoded with a secret word or an example.

Video Locker

Video storage offers 128 pieces AES encryption for the majority of your own recordings that you don’t need anyone to see. It likewise enables you to watch the recordings inside the application so you don’t need to unhide them.


Applock is a standout amongst the most well-known applications for secret word securing your applications however it can likewise cover-up and store the majority of your own records in a mystery vault.


Vaulty offers assurance from the interlopers that are attempting to see your own photographs and recordings. It snaps a photo each time somebody attempts to open the application with the goal that you can know who that individual was, vault spares your records in secret key ensured display.

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